Hedef Prosthesis Orthesis Sales and Application Center

HEDEF PROSTHESIS & ORTHESIS is a Ministry of Health Licensed and SGK Contracted Center.
It is the sales and application center of products belonging to companies such as Ottobock, Össur and Ortotek.
Our company is a member of the Orthotics Prosthetics Association.

Our Prosthesis and Orthotics Applications

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What is Prosthesis? Why is Prosthesis Used?

Prosthetic arms and legs; It is the general name of all products that are applied in a way that adapts and imitates the organs that people lost their limbs such as limbs due to various sad reasons such as accidents and diseases.

The purpose of the application of prosthetic arms and legs is to enable people to return to their daily lives as quickly as possible after amputation and to continue life from where they left off.

As the target prosthesis, the most important goal of our prosthesis applications is to restore your mobility, starting from the first operation in the hospital, throughout the prosthesis construction and rehabilitation period.

The target is to make our customers independent from the help of third parties and help you regain your quality of life with the prostheses they have applied.
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What is Orthosis? Why Use It?

Orthoses are all devices that support and protect the musculoskeletal system worn on the body in order to increase the performance of limbs that have partially or completely lost their orthosis function and to make them more usable.

Orthoses are medical devices that are prescribed by doctors for disorders and injuries in the musculoskeletal system and help increase the mobility of people who contribute to the healing process.

Restricting or completely immobilizing the movements of some body parts as a result of an accident, trauma or after surgery

Helping the function of limbs that cannot function or are insufficient
Correction of a deformity that is or has been formed

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Above Knee and Below Knee Leg Prosthesis and What Are Their Types?

Above-knee and below-knee leg prostheses are used in cases that cause limb loss as a result of various diseases or accidents either congenitally or later. Prostheses are medical products that imitate real limbs and make life easier for people.

Above and below knee prostheses should be made or adjusted according to the patient. The purpose of the prosthesis is to make the life of the user easier. Prostheses should adapt to the person and be able to imitate the real limb.

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