About Us

About Us

Hedef Protez; Established in 2013 under the responsibility of İsmail Gencer and Erol Korkmaz with 20 years of prosthetic orthosis solutions experience, it serves health institutions and individual customers in orthotic prosthesis with a staff of 14.

Hedef Protez; By making investments in order to serve more institutions, organizations and individuals, Hedef Prosthesis Ortez Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 2016, Meridyen Medikal in 2017, Target Prosthetic Orthosis Scoliosis Varna (Bulgaria) in 2018 and finally scoliosis corset that we specialized in 2020. It continues its prosthetic orthosis solutions in 4 branches by activating the Target Spine Corset Center.

Hedef Protez; There are cooperation agreements with all domestic companies, especially with importer companies such as Ottobock and Össur.

Hedef Protez; In line with the products that our doctors and health institutions are qualified for, we manufacture the protective, supportive and walking aids for our patients before or after the operation in our own workshop.

Hedef Protez; In the prosthesis we have applied, in addition to the 6-month warranty for the silicone liner given by the supplier companies, and the 2-year warranty for all mechanical and electronic parts, our company provides a 5-year warranty on all maintenance and repair works.

Hedef Protez; Our company provides services to our patients who have lost their limbs due to any sad reason and are unable to come to our company in cases such as evaluation, measurement, rehearsal or delivery with our company vehicles.

Hedef Protez; Keeping patient satisfaction in the foreground, it is not limited to working hours and provides 24-hour service in emergencies.


To provide quality service to all our customers by integrating traditional and advanced technological prosthetic orthosis solutions with our expert staff and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to be a reliable healthy life partner


In the prosthetic orthosis solutions we offer, we provide services in modern quality standards and work to increase the quality of life of our customers and to lead a healthier life.

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