Ottobock Genium X3 Bionic Prosthesis

Ottobock Genium X3 Bionic Prosthesis

Ottobock Genium X3 is a unique combination of technology, functionality and intuitive use. This prosthetic system is the closest imitation of the physiological human gait to nature possible.

Reversing, climbing stairs, walking at different speeds and step lengths are all possible with the intuitive and adaptive features of the Ottobock Genium X3. The running mode has been developed especially for sports. In this mode, the user can do walking and running sports.

Ottobock Genium X3 offers you new possibilities; As the system is resistant to water and abrasion, you can take a shower with your prosthesis, swim in the sea or work in wet conditions. It is waterproof and shock resistant.

Össur RHEO XC KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint

Össur RHEO XC KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint

Össur RHEO XC KNEE Microprocessor Knee Joint is a microprocessor controlled knee joint with optimum combination of stability and safety.

It provides extremely natural and effortless walks even in difficult terrains. RHEO XC KNEE is easy to fit and offers reliable user results.

Össur RHEO XC KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint supports increased mobility such as cycling, walking and climbing stairs. Real-time stance and swing control automatically adapted. Starts reliable and easy oscillation on all surfaces Has an automatic stumbling recovery feature. Weatherproof design allows exposure to fresh water splashes.

Providing superior functionality for more demanding prosthetic wearers, the Össur RHEO XC KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint maintains a unique combination of stability and dynamic mobility.

It is specifically designed to enable active people to engage in high impact activities.

Companion Össur Logic application for iOS devices provides:

Simple applicator setup and setup and printable user activity reports.

Functional training sessions for enhanced user confidence.

Selection of user preferences and monitoring of step count and battery charge level.

Össur RHEO 3 - 4 KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint

Össur RHEO 3 - 4 KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint

Imagine a knee joint that adapts to the user's walking style and the ground on which they are walking, constantly learning and responsive to movement as quickly as possible. Össur company presents RHEO KNEE knee joint, which provides microprocessor control at every moment of the movement with the world's first artificial intelligence power.

Össur RHEO 3 - 4 KNEE Microprocessor Knee Joint is capable of independent thinking. It learns how the user is walking, analyzes the changes of speed-direction or ground and reacts as soon as possible. As with other knee joints, it does not depend on predetermined limited parameters, it adapts to the user in every situation where, how and at what speed he wants to walk.

Össur RHEO 3 - 4 KNEE Microprocessed Knee Joint Advantages

Continuous adaptation - A highly technologically designed artificial intelligence module gives the knee joint the ability to think for itself. It constantly recognizes, learns, adapts to different walking styles of the person and adapts to changes in speed, weight change and ground structure.
Natural and effective movement - Special technology that controls knee movements produces an extremely natural and rapid response at every stage of the gait cycle. Unlike the hydraulic systems in other knee joints, this response can offer personalizable resistance to the user's needs. In this way, while the effort for movement is reduced, walking becomes much more fluid and natural.

Enhanced security - With its software and multiple security features in its mechanism, the knee resists involuntary movements at critical moments. Sensor technology, which transmits information analyzed 1500 times a second to artificial intelligence at every moment of the walk, identifies abnormal walking rhythms and protects the user against possible tripping and falling risks.
RHEO KNEE provides the most natural knee function among all microprocessed knees, thanks to the perfect stability and dynamic balance while constantly adapting to the user and the environment.
The effortless swing start ensures a smoother walk even in crowded and tight spaces.

Advanced actuator and resistance control provide optimal resistance (for example, providing more support when descending a ladder and minimal effort when walking on flat ground).
The extension spring, which provides continuous power, provides a natural movement while swinging.
Five-sensor gait detection, including new gyroscope technology, ensures stability and dynamic response in all situations.
Thanks to the immediate response provided by magnetorheological technology, users never have to wait for the index to catch up to their pace.

Ottobock C-Leg knee joint

Ottobock C-Leg knee joint

Microprocessed leg prosthesis Ottobock C-Leg is for patients with high expectations of stability and independence in daily life. The knee joint is monitored by a complex sensor system. Thanks to this sensor system, it is adapted to changing walking speeds. Even in unsafe situations, such as slow-speed walking, crossing obstacles and descending stairs, the C-Leg makes all these daily movements possible.

Ottobock C-Leg is the safest microprocessor prosthesis in the world. In critical stumbling situations, thanks to its shock absorption feature, you can continue moving faster again. Thus, you avoid the risk of falling.

Thanks to its mechanical and electronic properties, Ottobock C-Leg has optimal regulation of the oscillation phase. It allows more natural movement as well as easier movement of the knee joint. Power and speed are measured 50 times per second, calculated and processed simultaneously. This is exactly how the microprocessor decides the insertion of the joint.

The Ottobock C-Leg automatically adjusts itself to very dangerous obstacles or slopes without descending stairs. Physiological movement protects your body and you spend less energy while walking. Stumbling, dark, or walking in the crowd is not a problem. Ottobock C-Leg withstands the discharge phase with high resistance and opens only in the swing phase

Össur Mauch Knee Hydraulic Knee Joint

Össur Mauch Knee Hydraulic Knee Joint

Össur Mauch Knee Hydraulic Knee Joint is a single-axis hydraulic knee joint designed for highly active users and capable of withstanding unforeseen conditions.

Single axis hydraulic knee system with Swing and Foot Control.

Designed for very fast ambulation

Durable and safe movement

Extremely durable aluminum frame

Roller bearings and roller attachment points in the knee axis for smooth movement

Effective posture control

Mode select switch allows manual locking and free rotation functions

Smooth profile aids cosmetic finishing

Low swing resistance kits and high stopping resistance kits are also available

Ottobock 3R60 Hydraulic Knee Joint

Ottobock 3R60 Hydraulic Knee Joint

The Ottobock 3R60 hydraulic knee joint is a multicenter knee joint. In the swing phase, the intelligent miniature hydraulic joint controls pendulum movement below the knee. Knee bending and locking movements are managed by the motion resistance provided by the miniature hydraulic system.

Controlled standing phase up to 15 degrees providing freedom of both limbs; It balances the loads on the pelvis, spine and stump, thus enabling a healthier physiological gait.

Provides bending angle at angles greater than 175 degrees for greater freedom of movement. It provides comfort especially when you get in a car or want to travel on a plane or train.

Due to its multi-axis structure, the length of the prosthesis is shortened when it is released. Thus, the risk of your foot getting stuck on the ground while walking is significantly reduced.

Ottobock 3R60 Hydraulic knee joint, walking comfortably on slopes up to 10 degrees with high safety

 OTTOBOCK 3R80 Hydraulic Knee Joints

OTTOBOCK 3R80 Hydraulic Knee Joints

Ottobock 3R80 is a single axle hydraulic knee joint. Going down the stairs provides safe and comfortable walking on slopes and hilly areas. Ottobock 3R80 hydraulic knee joint with the unique rotation hydraulics principle, both stance and swing phase are controlled by hydraulic. Provides high safety in the stop phase. When the prosthesis hits the heel, it prevents sudden bending of the knee thanks to its hydraulic safety.

The hydraulic safety system is only available on Ottobock 3R80. Both stance and oscillation phases are controlled by this system. When the load given to the prosthesis is removed, the knee joint immediately takes the position of swing phase. It provides automatic adaptation to your speed.

The Ottobock 3R80 hydraulic knee joint is water resistant to a depth of 3 meters and has a manual lock for even better safety, especially in wet areas.

Össur Total 2000 Hydraulic Laptop Prosthesis

Össur Total 2000 Hydraulic Laptop Prosthesis

Össur Total Knee 2000 offers shock absorption, comfort and a natural gait. Foot span is provided by the mid swing shortening that prevents hip walking. 3-phase hydraulic swing control accommodates changes in walking speed. Posture flexion can be adjusted by simulating knee flexion during early posture, reducing shock and stress on the remaining limb.

Össur Total Knee 2000 Main Features

Multi-center knee with geometric locking system

Oscillation control adjustment using a 3-phase (3-valve) hydraulic system.

Adjustable posture flexion

Adjustable extension supporter

Useful for low build height, long trans-femoral limbs or knee disarticulation

High knee flexion angle up to 150 °

Ortotek ORT-95 Hydraulic Knee Joint

Ortotek ORT-95 Hydraulic Knee Joint

Ortotek ORT-95 Hydraulic Knee Joint has 5 bar structure, ort-95 knee joint has aluminum body structure, mechanically controlled swing phase has hydraulic stance phase, and has a very strong rotational hydraulic piston in its internal mechanism.

With its 10-15 degree stance phase flexibility, it increases the knee joint balance of the prosthesis, greatly reduces the load on the leg, hip and vertebra, and thus the prosthetic leg shows a very close gait to the healthy leg during walking.

Flexion and extension resistance can be adjusted separately. It has a bending angle of 147 degrees and a load limit of 125 kg.

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