Child Prosthetics

Because of their physical condition, daily activity levels, psychology and limited communication skills, prosthesis applications in infants and children require a different approach compared to other adults.

Due to the rapidity of physical growth, the prostheses used by the families of pediatric patients according to their growth and development should be checked regularly.

Ottobock 3R38 Knee Joint

Ottobock 3R38 Knee Joint; 3R38 modular knee joint provides high level security. Light metal, single axis, proximal connection pyramid and distal tube hinge. Also suitable for children up to 45 kg body weight, 145 cm height and 21 cm foot size.

Ottobock 3R66 Knee Joint

Ottobock 3R66 Knee Joint; It enables children to practice the games and daily activities they need. With the 3R66, they can crouch and kneel. Light metal, proximal pyramid application, lower joint with extension support, hinge with rotation tube adapter, 165 flexion angle.

Ottobock 3R65 Knee Joint

Ottobock 3R65 Knee Joint; The 3R65 hydraulic swing is a phase controlled modular knee joint. The knee joint adapts properly when walking at different speeds in different areas. Light metal, proximal connection pyramid single axis, distal tube hinged. Suitable for children up to 45 kg body weight, 145 cm height and 21 cm foot size.

Össur Total Knee Junior

Total Knee Junior; It is a very solid knee joint that offers safety, natural movement, ease of walking and aesthetic appearance. This knee joint is extremely safe for children as well as a natural gait. It performs natural knee flexion up to 160 degrees due to its multi-axis.

• It is very safe with its geometric locking system.

• Provides natural walking by adjusting the resistance.

• Allows height adjustment.

• It is highly aesthetic thanks to its low building height and slim profile.

Iceross Stabilo Junior Kids Silicone Liner

Iceross Stabilo Junior Kids Silicone Liner; especially designed for children. Provides great comfort and support. Iceross Stabilo Junior provides comfortable prosthesis use in the daily lives of children with high activity levels. Is skin friendly

Ottobock 1K10 Dynamic Foot

Ottobock 1K10 Dynamic Foot; This sturdy stand is specially adapted to your child's needs, but also features natural design and your child will not be visible when around other people.

Ottobock 1K30 SACH Foot Foot

Ottobock 1K30 Dynamic Foot; This sturdy foot is specially adapted to your child's needs, but its natural design feature optimally supports them during all activities.

Ottobock 1E79 SL Carbon Foot

Ottobock 1E79 SL Carbon Foot; Symes is a light carbon foot suitable for children who have undergone amputation. The purpose of these amputations is to save the remaining part of the limb as much as possible. This means there is very little room for the prosthetic foot.

Flex - Foot Junior

Children are more energetic than adults. For this reason, products that provide energy return are more compatible with their activities. Carbon foot stores energy in heel contact while children walk and restore the user at toe separation. It reduces the pressure on the spine by absorbing the shock effect that occurs while walking.

Össur Flex Foot Junior; It is a carbon fiber prosthetic foot designed for children. Due to its special design, it provides high energy recovery. The carbon structure stores energy by absorbing the shock at the beginning of the step, and helps the leg actively using this energy when swinging forward.

Össur Cheetah Junior

Össur Cheetah Junior; Össur Cheetah Junior; It offers high performance with its quality carbon fiber structure. It is a high performance carbon fiber foot designed primarily for sports activities.

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