DAFO Dynamic Ankle Orthosis

DAFO Dynamic Ankle Orthosis

It is a dynamic foot and ankle orthosis.

The DAFO dynamic ankle orthosis is produced from a special thermoplastic material. Polypropylene, polyethylene, low density plastics are some of the materials used in making dafo.

It is a type of pediatric orthosis that is designed by taking individual measurements according to the general condition of the deformity in the foot and to support the biomechanical structure and movements of the feet and positively change the user's gait.

The DAFO dynamic ankle orthosis is suitable for the anatomical structure of the foot thanks to its flexible design and effective support surfaces. It creates comfort of use because it provides very good stabilization with its structure surrounding the area where it is applied.

Thanks to its special design, it keeps the foot in the maximum position and increases the stabilization of the middle foot.

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